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Writing is the parent of books and movies, so figuratively speaking books and movies are siblings, which is probably the reason why I enjoy one or the other equally. 

Movie TheaterWatching movies fulfills many purposes: movies can touch and impress, they can be food for thought and/or entertaining, they can educate, they can re-tell a story that already has been told in a book, they can make you feel upset, cheered on, frustrated, touched, bored, angry, awed and every other kind of emotion. They can bond people or drive them apart, and they can influence in every sort of way.

In my movie corner I’ll present movies that I find outstanding. Mind you – I don’t intend to be the next best movie guru. and if there is a movie I want to watch in the theater, you won’t find me there the first day is shown, not even the first weeks, depending on what movie it is.

My Movie Corner is more like sitting with friends talking about movies in a casual way and sharing comments. Naturally you won’t find reviews of all the latest and most rewarded movies here, but more the type of movies Tony and I enjoy  watching to have a good time.


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