Where Did He Go?

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It’s not very often that I sacrifice my weekday evenings sitting in front of the TV. But being a political animal – plush animal anyway since I’m not actively involved into politics – I figured that watching the presidential debates would be not only my duty but also worthwhile.

Barack Obama at the debate on October 3, 2012I couldn’t have been more wrong. The Obama I watched yesterday wasn’t the Obama I watched in the debates vs. McCain four years ago. The Obama I watched yesterday was tired and spiritless, grumpy, disrespectful, tame – a rusty debater and a bored and overworked chief of staff, but in no way presidential.

This wasn’t the “Lichtgestalt” (shining figure) I remembered from four years ago: Convincing, self confident, quick witted, friendly and assertive. I wasn’t a citizen yet at that time but very much in favor of supporting and voting for Obama during the election this year.

I certainly understand that leading our nation in times of all sorts of crises is a very challenging call, and I wasn’t surprised at all seeing that all those obstacles were taking their toll on Obama over the past four years.

Election day is 33 days away and I hope Obama and his political advisors and strategies got the wake-up call yesterday evening. There are two more opportunities where I hope the catch a glimpse of the “We Can” president.

I’d made up my mind long time ago to support Obama because he stands for my American Dream. I will vote for Obama – not that it will make any difference here in Texas. The outcome of yesterday’s debate isn’t going to change my mind, but right now it wouldn’t be a vote FOR Obama, but AGAINST Romney. I hope the coming 33 days and two more debates will change this.

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