Blue Stasz

Your’s Truly
Portrait by Z. Anthony Staskiewicz

The most difficult, brain- and nerve-racking question in job interviews, first dates and on online dating sites is “Tell my something about you.” Guess what, the same accounts for blogs as well.

So, now I’m sitting here and since you – unfortunately for me – clicked on the “About Me” link, you’re expecting to read something “about me”.  So here goes my slight hope you would pick up some hints about me from my writings. But I guess in times of unlimited sharing of personal issues like moods, preferences, tempers and what one is doing every second seems to be on high demand, you, my dear reader, are just not satisfied with subtle hints :-)

So, for starters here’s something:

I was born and raised in Germany and moved to a Dallas suburb in April 1998. My husband Tony (who is from England) and I share our home with two dogs and two

cats.  I speak and write fluently American English with German accent, garnished with some Yorkshire colloquial. My German has got a bit rusty over the years, but is still helpful when swearing under my breath.

For a living I work as Web Content Administrator for a beauty products supplier; for a passion I took up writing, which always has been a secret aspiration.

My biggest ambition is writing the next Great American Novel – just kidding 😉

Nah, being a Germerican, this isn’t my league and not my ambition either.

Some of  my other interests include reading – my best birthday present ever was the Kindle DX I got from my husband – cooking, spending quality time with family and friends, gardening, and watching movies.

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